October 6, 2012

Brown Beats An Improved Rams Team 17-7

Rhode Island rallied in the final minute of the first half to scored its only touchdown of the day. QB Bob Benson ran the ball in from the 2 yard line. In the fourth quarter, RI was stopped on a crucial 4th and 1 yard play at the Brown 22 yard line. This failure to make the first down, sealed the game for Brown.

The URI defense definitely did its part by holding Brown to only a field goal in the second half. Inopportune penalities and other execution problems cost RI by tipping the balance of power toward Brown. Brown's play was a little more crisp, the pass patterns better defined, and their running game was quite successful even after their lead runner went down with a game ending injury in the first half. Still, for URI, this was the best overall effort of the season. Benson had better protection against the pass rush than for any other game, and the running game finally produce real positive yardage and helped to give balance to the RI offense which has suffered greatly from a lack of overall production so far this season. If the team can continue to improve in terms of execution (making happen what is suppose to happen), the team may yet produce some CAA upsets.

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Tyrone Jenkins (FR) defends against Brown receiver in 3rd qtr.
Tyrone Jenkins (FR) defends against Brown receiver in 3rd qtr