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  1. Who writes your sporting commentaries?
  2. How do I find a photographer?
  3. How do I order prints?
  4. What size prints are available?
  5. What is the cost of  prints?
  6. Do you offer discounts?
  7. Where can I find more information ?
  8. When is a good time to contact you ?
  9. What does it cost to hire a photographer?
  10. What can I do with the photos that I purchase?

Who writes your sporting commentaries?

  Our sports stories are written by in-house staff, however we offer any organization with the opportunity to supplement our photo essays with your own story.


How do I request a photographer ?

Just email us with the required Who, What, When, Where, Telephone Contact and Who Are You? or Call or Fax us at 401 732-5329.

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Where can I find information to order prints ?

Many of the recent sporting events are now posted for viewing and purchase on our partner web site,  Please follow in the instructions for each event as some events are password protected.

To pay by check use our easy to online form and your home printer, then mail in the order form with your check or Money Order - see the order page.  You may order directly from our printer using the below link 

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Photo Size Questions ?

Most photos are available in all customary sizes such as 5 x 7, 8 x 10, 8 x 12, 11 x 14, 12 x 18.
Larger 20 x 30" pictures can be special ordered.   If you have any questions about what size you should order, email , we will be happy to give you our advice.

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What are the photo prices ?

All the particulars are on the order page, and on the Dotphoto web site where available.

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Any organization that requests a photographer for their sporting event will receive up to 10% of all proceeds generated from sales to that team.  This is a great way for your organization to build it booster club account.

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When is a good time to book a photographer ?

Obviously, the earlier the better - but only after you are sure of the date and place of the event.
Fall schedules fill up quickly and sometimes a rain date is needed.  You may contact us by email at or Call or Fax us at 401 732-5329.

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What does it cost to hire a photographer for a sporting event?

$225 per event.   You may contact Nick by email at or Call or Fax us at 401 732-5329  for our more information.

What can I do with the photos that I purchase?

Photos purchased from may not be otherwise reproduced, distributed, reprinted or used for any advertising or promotional, or commercial use without violation of copyright protection laws.  You may frame or otherwise display the pictures in your office or home.




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