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"Delivering High Quality Photos

For Personal Use And Sports Media"

Special events photography rates are $225 per event -let Nick take your photos while you enjoy the day. Price includes up to 75 high resolution photos on CD. 

Call Nick at 401-732-5329 for archived photos from sporting events from 1999 - or email to explain what you are looking for.

Professional Image Capture

We Began in 1999 with a single idea to provided high quality photos for family and friends of athletes.  Our company has expanded on this idea to include photos for established print and electronic media who need photographs for editorial use.

Photos purchased for personal use may not be used for commercial use and must not be reprinted or retransmitted for any use without the express consent of Nick Murgo of and the athletes and individuals in the photo.  Media requests for photos must be made on company letterhead.


Digial, Print, Slides
Digital images have the advantage of being instantly available with quick FTP electronic uploading to your company. Traditional prints make great portfolio builders and are often sufficient for traditional cut and paste offset printing. Color slides are still the choice of many magazines and those interested in the highest color vibrancy.  Traditional negative film and color slides are also available as high quality digital images that may likewise be uploaded to you after we scan them for your exclusive use.


 Boat Photos Our Passion

Our photographers are available to go the extra mile to bring your clients the photos that they need.  Boating and nautical scenes are favorites for boating publications, modeling, and calendars.  If you need high quality reasonably priced photos then we can provide this service for you in the Newport area.

Special Affects And Custom Art Work

If you are looking for more than just a picture, we can provide you with that special hard to find look.  Often, a truly unique image can capture the moment in a most memorable manner.  We use special filters to create the image that you need.
Contact us at 401 732-5329 and leave a message or send a fax.  We will promptly reply to your request.Contact us via email: